Evolution of the Wheel

This video follows the evolution of the wheel, while at the same time exploring a growth in the complexity of the CG medium itself. In other words, I wanted to mirror the evolution of the wheel with a simultaneous evolution in the complexity of the world within which the wheel exists.
Advanced studio final project at the University of Lethbridge.

The Stormtrooper Shuffle

The video that has literally taken the internet by storm, with over half a million views and counting. Motion Capture final project during my grad semester at the University of Lethbridge.

TF2 MoCap

I recorded this dance on the floor of Vancouver Siggraph 2011, wearing no special equipment. Within minutes the data was loaded onto a rig that could be used for multiple characters, pretty amazing. Special thanks to Michael Nikonov from ipi Soft (

Gozze Media Splash Screen

A title animation I did for Gozze Media. You can check out this talented young lady's work at

Walk Cycle Demo

The walk isn't just in the legs. This video breaks down my animation process from head to toe.

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